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Independent Candidate for
Kootenay Central

BC Provincial Election | October 19, 2024

Meet Corinne Mori: Ideas in Action

Nelson resident announces independent candidacy for Kootenay Central election
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  • To represent those who feel politically homeless and disenfranchised with ineffective party policies (at least 50% of the population did not vote in the last election)

  • To serve the people not the party

  • Because independent thinkers function better when the status quo can be challenged and questioned

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    Funding for education and childcare should follow the child, not the institution. Families should have the freedom to choose education and childcare options that align with their values, while allowing providers the flexibility to customize services to meet each child’s unique needs. Creating a competitive environment for funding would encourage continuous improvement in education options and foster the innovation to attract students and families. Standardized testing has restricted the flexibility to tailor learning programs to individual needs. Providing genuine choice for families will incentivize the creation of superior educational options. Trades are the main drivers of our community and trade programs and apprenticeships are just as valuable as a university education. Access to grants, loan forgiveness and wage assistance for apprentices should be made available as trades have a significant economic impact on our communities. Addressing challenges in housing, forestry, manufacturing, mining, and constructions requires investing in individuals who are eager to contribute to our rural BC communities.


Insightful Dialogues: Exploring the intersection of law, finances, diverse perspectives and more.



Corinne Mori is a woman with a strong belief in personal responsibility, a deep value for independence, and a resolute commitment to safeguarding the democratic process.  Corinne’s authenticity and strong dedication to her principles earns her a place of leadership among her peers.

The resulting effect was a significant reduction in this year’s proposed taxation rate.  Corinne is unwavering in her commitment to integrity and justice, and has also organized legal representation for the thousands of BC nurses who were impacted by the provincial mandates and still cannot work in this province.


In 2015, Corinne earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with highest honors and subsequently, worked for both Nelson and First Nations communities in ER/Medical, Home Health, Long Term Care and Remote Nursing.  Her experience working in Rural BC has given her significant insight into the challenges the public faces when trying to access healthcare in the Kootenays.   Corinne thrives in environments that require thoughtful, solution-based results, and has a significant legacy of successfully completed projects.  Prior to this career move, many will remember Mori Nori Sushi, a family business that Corinne and Mike ran for years.  In between several building projects, Mike and Corinne had 4 children, two sons and two daughters, and have been married for 35 years.

Living in the Kootenays for almost five decades, it was in recent years that Corinne became more interested in political issues. Her exceptional organizational skills created a network of local residents to monitor RDCK organizational and financial operations. Successful public engagement influenced greater transparency at the RDCK; meetings are now being recorded and available to the public. An effective team was created to increase understanding of local government, which subsequently, increased public participation substantially.


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